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Oscar Rabeiro

Primarily self-taught, Rabeiro began his journey to photography with his first digital camera in 2006 with a Nikon D50 and a Photoflex umbrella. As with many beginners, he started by shooting motionless subject matter: plants, his pets, sunsets... But as his "addiction" grew, his subjects became less static and more animated. Today, due in large part to his exceptional knowledge and skill with lighting, Rabeiro is a regularly featured photographer for Maxim magazine.

Although his strong passion for photography drives his career, his friendships with some models and love for animals (particularly dogs) led him to create his animal adoption awareness campaign, Mutts ‘n Models. He collaborates with models and local rescue teams to photograph adoptable pets in foster care who need homes or rescue, as well as to promote adoption and spaying/neutering.

Although mostly recognized for his regularly published glamour and swimwear work, Rabeiro’s goal for the coming years is to delve into more fashion work. In the meantime, he strives to keep his commercial work strong and develop more personal projects to help deserving models build their portfolios.

In addition to Maxim, Rabeiro's work has also been featured in several national and international magazines, including American Curves, Status Fitness, Inked, Maxi-Tune, and MMA Sports.

Oscar Rabeiro


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