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Trevor Sherwin

Hey everyone, I'm Trevor Sherwin and I'm a portrait and boudoir photographer in Toronto, Canada. Funny thing about me is that I never knew I was going to be a photographer, but in high school I took one of those tests that told you what you were going to do when you grow up. Mine said that I would be a photographer. A photographer? Me? No way! Then it happened. I went to university for a program completely unrelated to photography and had to get a job. So after handing out resumes everywhere in the local mall, I was hired on at a camera store. I don't know why. I could barely load film in a point & shoot, but before I knew it I found myself shooting everything and learning everything I could about photography. That was 15+ years ago.

Since then, I've worked in the photo industry selling cameras, running photo schools and training others in the art of photography as I do with my current line of workshops, which you can find at PhotoTraining.ca

What I really do is make people feel good about themselves. I just happen to do that with a camera. I see myself as a bit of a therapist in a way. People (men and women) are far too hung up on unrealistic expectations of what they should look like and I try to change that. The boudoir experience is something very revealing and personal. It allows a person to completely step out of their comfort zone and embrace their sexier side. The first time I shot a boudoir series and had a client tear up after because she finally saw herself in a positive light, I knew that from that point on shooting just portraits was not going to be enough. I’ve since specialized my business to shooting boudoir, as I find there is great reward in changing how someone perceives themselves.

I'm very passionate about what I do and I love it. I wouldn't trade this line of work for anything.