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Trevor Sherwin

Hey everyone, my name is Trevor Sherwin and I'm a portrait and boudoir photographer in Toronto, Canada. Funny thing about me is that I never knew I was going to be a photographer, but in high school I took one of those tests that told you what you were going to do when you grow up. Mine said that I would be a photographer. A photographer? Me? No way! Then it happened. I went to university for a program completely unrelated to photography and had to get a job. So after handing out resumes everywhere in the local mall, I was hired on at a camera store. I don't know why... I could barely load film in a point & shoot, but before I knew it I found myself shooting everything and learning everything I could about photography. That was 15+ years ago. 

Since then, I've worked in the photo industry selling cameras, running photo schools and training others in the art of photography. Along the way, shooting for myself not knowing what I wanted to do with my photography. Then I realized that photographing people was my thing. It's always been a great reward to have someone say, "Wow, that's me?" So that's what I've chosen to do.

Along the road to self-taught photographer, I've assisted one of my closest friends, fellow Pro Showcaser David Hou. David, with his theatre/fashion background, showed me things about lighting that made me think differently about how I lit my own shots. I've taken that knowledge and applied it to my own style. I guess you could say I draw my photographic inspiration for portraits and boudoir from the genres of fashion and beauty with elements of pinup, theatre & editorial looks. My style is all about controlling light. The best advice I was ever given when it came to lighting: Good lighting is not about adding light everywhere. It's about controlling your shadows. I've lived by that ideology and I guess thats why my style is a little more on the shadow-toned side.

I'm very passionate about what I do and I love it. I wouldn't trade this line of work for anything.