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Vered Koshlano

Vered Koshlano is a NYC based photographer specializing in beauty and fashion. Her clients include Canon USA, Royal Apparel & Benzo magazine to name a few. Vered is a self-taught photographer - "aside for a few photography courses to understand the basic operation of a camera and how light works, I don't think one needs to spend four years in photography school in order to take a good picture; go out and experiment, see what works and what doesn't. Train your eyes to capture the story your brain wants to tell."

"Photoflex LiteDomes were the very first soft boxes I got and for ten years I keep buying more - being mainly a studio shooter you can't have too many light modifiers. The combination of a nice selection of professional equipment at a very fair price makes Photoflex an obvious winner."

I use as many as six to eight (sometimes more) lights when I shoot and I find the LiteDomes put out beautiful, consistent light I can depend on. I especially love the small HalfDomes (strip lights) with grids, using them all over the place to sculpt the light around my subject.

Vered Koshlano


Email: vered@byvk.com