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The Photoflex® CineDome is a narrower, deeper profile SoftBox designed to maximize the light projection of your Fresnel lights. Made with Photoflex® designed “Silver Brimstone”, the CineDome will easily take most Fresnel light fixtures up to 2000 watts and soften the light to look more natural. The diffusion face and interior baffle are each easily removed, allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast without changing your setup. Now the CineDome comes standard with 1-stop, 1/4-stop and 1/2-stop diffusion faces to provide the widest range of soft light options.

CineDome®: medium

The CineDome® This clever SoftBox modifier is perfect for spreading and softening Fresnel spotlights. CineDome® avoids lost time on the set due to light ‘change-outs’ by enabling Grips to convert a hard spot to a broad light in seconds.

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