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Constant Light Softboxes

Photoflex® produces a variety of SoftBoxes designed to work specifically with continuous hot lights such as the StarLite® QL and Constellation®3. Designed with our proprietary silver heat-resistant BrimStone fabric, these boxes ensure maximum reflectivity and light output and can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees. Our larger SoftBoxes have two layers of removable diffusion to keep the light smooth and even, as well as to prevent hot spots. The removable face attaches to the SoftBox via high-grade Velcro®. This allows you to increase the contrast of your light for a variety of applications. The removable baffle is suspended in the middle of the SoftBox, also allowing you the option to create soft, diffused buttery light or high-contrast light. The recessed face has two inches of Velcro®, which allows for the addition of a grid and/or diffuser.