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Large 77x77

LitePanel Fabric White/Silver 77 x 77 inch

White/Silver fabric will provide natural looking light reflection (white) or higher contrast light reflection (silver). This is a fantastic lighting tool for indoor or outdoor fashion, wedding, large group or large product photography. Great for film and video.

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LitePanel Fabric White/Gold 77 x 77 inch

White/Gold fabric will provide natural looking light reflection (white) or a strong warming light reflection (gold).

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LitePanel Fabric Translucent 77 x 77 inch

This translucent fabric is the best diffusion material in the business. Use it with any light source for lower contrast, softer shadows and larger reflections. Fantastic for large metal product shots. Ideal for diffusing sunlight for portrait, wedding and fashion photography.

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LitePanel Fabric White/Black 77 x 77 inch

White/Black fabric will provide natural looking light reflection or block unwanted light from hitting your subject. Ideal for achieving 'negative fill' in flat lighting situations.

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LitePanel 77 x 77 inch Aluminum Frame

LitePanels provide unlimited lighting options in one easy-to-use system. Frame is connected by internal shock cords for quick assembly and take down. Accepts transclucent fabric and four reversable fabric options.

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LitePanel Fabric White/Soft Gold 77 x 77 inch

White/Soft Gold provides a natural light reflection (white) or a warming light reflection (soft gold) great for portraits.

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