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ShoeMount Kits

Photoflex offers a variety of pre-packaged kits for use with off-camera ShoeMount flashes. These facilitate studio quality lighting with a portable lightweight set-up.

ShoeMount/SpeedLight Umbrella Kit

This NEW unique kit is designed for quick remote soft lighting by an assistant. Just add your own speedlight and your assistant can either light up the background or give you a professional looking off camera 2nd light for your portraits or group photos.

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Extra Small LiteDome® Basic Kit

This kit includes the Extra Small LiteDome, Basic Connector, ShoeMount MultiClamp Swivel and Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware

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Small LiteDome Deluxe Kit

Designed for use with all major brands of shoe-mount style flash units. Ideal for the person that already owns a flash and wants to use it in off-camera applications.

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Medium LiteDome Deluxe Kit

ShoeMount Accessory with Medium LiteDome turns your flash unit into a broad, diffused, and even light source

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OctoDome® nxt: extra small kit

Includes the OctoDome® nxt: extra small, Basic Metal Connector, ShoeMount MultiClamp Swivel and Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware. Ideal if you already have your own ShoeMount flash and wireless trigger.

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Portable Speedlight Kit

Lightweight portable speedlight kit featuring OctoDome® XS with double diffusion, adjustable metal bracket for fitting with any shoe mount flash and super compact LiteStand. All in a padded compact durable case.

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