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SKU: DL-1142WT

LiteDisc® 42 inch Translucent: An amazing, convenient and portable diffuser. Easily positioned by an assistant or clamped to a stand, chair back, window frame, etc. Folds down to less than 17 inches. Perfect for diffusing sunlight or raw lights for table top set ups, location shooting, portrait close ups, flowers, jewelry set ups, electronics, medical, scientific, catalogs, collectibles, law enforcement, etc.

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Our LiteDisc® reflectors are designed to be durable and dependable. High quality materials and construction make our diffusers and reflectors the most popular in the world.

Translucent fabric diffuses light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect.

42-inch reflector provides plenty of light coverage for shooting 3/4 body shots. Folds to almost 1/3 its open size for easy storage and transportability.

Double-riveted frame lets the LiteDisc® stand up to tough abuse while maintaining its shape and flexibility. Guaranteed to be flat.

Warranty 5 Years

Features and Benefits


5 years

  • Guaranteed Flat - to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source
  • Double-Riveted - for added strength to prevent breaking and maintain the firm shape of the Disc
  • Carry Bag - folds down to 1/3 of its actual size and stores easily in its own bag
  • Diffuses Light – Place between the sun or artificial light and the subject to diffuse and soften the light
  • White Rims on all LiteDisc® reflectors - (except Black/Silver) prevent unwanted black lines in reflective objects
  • Five Year Warranty


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SKU: DL-1142WT


42" Round (106.7cm)

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