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SKU: LP-3972WT

Translucent fabric diffuses direct light sources to reduce contrast and create soft reflections. Perfect for portraiture, fashion, product, video and film production.

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Medium 39x72

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Translucent fabric diffuses light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect. Very efficient at transmitting light - only loses one F/stop. Translucent fabric is reflective enough to use as a fill light too.

LitePanel Fabrics for the 39" x 72" frames come in six varieties:

  • Translucent

  • White/SunLite  
  • White/Black
  • White/Silver
  • White/Gold
  • White/Soft Gold

Features and Benefits



  • Elastic corners for fast, secure fit
  • Absolutely neutral for accurate color rendition
  • Durable fabric has 3 year warranty


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SKU: LP-3972WT

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