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SKU: LP-7777WT

This translucent fabric is the best diffusion material in the business. Use it with any light source for lower contrast, softer shadows and larger reflections. Fantastic for large metal product shots. Ideal for diffusing sunlight for portrait, wedding and fashion photography.

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Large 77x77

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Translucent fabric diffuses light. Produces a broad light source and soft effect. Very efficient at transmitting light - only loses one F/stop. Translucent fabric is reflective enough to use as a fill light too.

LitePanel Fabrics for the 77" x 77" frames come in four varieties:


Warranty 3 Years

Features and Benefits


3 years

  • Elastic corners for fast, secure fit
  • Absolutely neutral white for accurate color
  • Durable '1 stop' diffusion fabric is very efficient in passing light


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SKU: LP-7777WT

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