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SKU: LP-7777WS

White/Silver fabric will provide natural looking light reflection (white) or higher contrast light reflection (silver). This is a fantastic lighting tool for indoor or outdoor fashion, wedding, large group or large product photography. Great for film and video.

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Large 77x77

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White: Use to reflect light with natural-looking results.
Silver: For even, neutral and strong reflected light, ideal in the studio or open shade.

The large LitePanel can produce substantial fill light outdoors or for interior scenes reflecting window light or studio lighting. Both silver and white sides are ideal for reflecting fill light into large group photos such as sports teams, graduations, weddings, fashion and architecture. The white side is generally used for direct sun, while the silver will pump more light from cloudy or open shade areas when the white is not strong enough.

LitePanel Fabrics for the 77" x 77" frames come in four varieties:


Warranty 3 Years

Features and Benefits


3 years

  • Elastic corners for fast, secure fit
  • Double-lamination for maximum source light reflection
  • Super even reflections enhance shiny surfaces


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SKU: LP-7777WS

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