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SKU: MD-2M293

MultiDome®: Medium

Designed for strobe lights. Gold/Silver removable interior panels offer choices for natural, warm, or higher contrast light output.

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The MultiDome® is the world’s most versatile rectangular softbox. The interior of the MultiDome® is flat white, the same as our LiteDome®, but includes four double sided (gold/silver) removable panels. Each of four panels may be used alone with either color showing or in combination to achieve 16 distinct color effects. The number of possibilities is doubled to 32 by removing the face of the MultiDome® to achieve greater contrast.

Comes with a Circle Mask: Ideal for portraiture, the easily attached Circlemask produces a round catch light in your subject’s eyes and is included with our MultiDome

Features and Benefits


About the inserts

  • You can easily change your lighting effects using the four dual-sided removable panels included with the MultiDome
  • Choose from bright, high-contrast lighting; warm, bronzed tones: or a combination of the two by using gold and silver panels interchangeably
  • You can also choose to remove all the inserts for a beautiful, natural light
  • The MultiDome works with our Fabric Grids to give you unlimited possibilities
  • Our unique internal baffle eliminates highlights and hot spots, creating even, natural lighting
  • When you combine the face panel and baffle with the gold and silver insert , you achieve warm, diffused lighting that flatters all skin tones
  • The thick Duracloth exterior allows you to maximize your light output by preventing any light loss.
  • The face panel, baffle and reflective inserts are all easily removed allowing you to go from soft, diffused lighting to high-contrast without changing your set-up
  • Our patented Quick-Release Corners make setup and teardown a snap

Baffle: Medium For LiteDome®, MultiDome®, SilverDome®


Dome: Front Face For LiteDome®, MultiDome


MultiDome®: Medium Silver/Gold Insert



Product Information

SKU: MD-2M293


24.5x32x17” / 62x81x43cm


2 lbs / .91 kg


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