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The NorthStar2 is a 100 watt AC/DC single LED, equivalent to 1K Tungsten source, great for video. The standard set includes: NorthStar2 Head, AC Adapter cable, Battery cable with D-Tap connector, Wireless remote with LED Display, 7” Grid reflector

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The NEW NorthStar™2 AC/DC LED light by Photoflex, a 100-watt continuous LED light, is color-balanced with daylight and housed in a robust extruded aluminum shell. It boasts an auto-voltage sensing unit for worldwide use and has an S-type mount for use with barn doors, reflectors, beauty dishes, and softboxes, including LiteDomes, HalfDomes and OctoDomes. 

The compact remote allows tweaking of power settings wirelessly. The remote can control single heads each with user assignable frequencies and multiple groups using the group function. 

The NorthStar™ Lite includes the high performance Photoflex Swivel Mount, which can be adjusted along the housing to balance the weight load with any sized softbox or lighting modifier.

Estimated Time of Arrival - December 2014

Features and Benefits



• Output: 100 Watt High Power LED (HPLED)
• Easily interchangeable LED from tungsten to daylight
• Auto voltage sensing allows AC powered operation worldwide
• 120-degree wide angle LED light dispersion perfect for softboxes & parabolic reflectors, beauty dishes
• DC Cable with D-Tap connector allows use with V-Lock or Gold mount video batteries
• Super long 50,000 hr. LED life. That’s 5.70 years!
• Integrated continuous smooth stepped dimming with LED display
• Comes standard with “Daylight” color temperature LED: 5600K ---- +/- 200K
• Comes with compact wireless controller featuring power adjustment & group control allowing power adjustment of multiple units simultaneously or individually
• Controller features built in replaceable lithium ion battery with long life
• Flicker free suitable for video and film production
• Includes 7” reflector accessory
• Attractive compact streamlined form factor fits Transpac rolling kit cases
• Front accessory mount fits standard “S Type” reflectors and accessories such as for Photoflex® FlexFlashTM
• Super Low AC power consumption draws 1.0 amps at 120V. That is 90% energy savings! Multiple NorthStar lights can be plugged into a standard 15 Amp circuit eliminating the need for power generators.
• Robust Extruded Aluminum housing
• Movable detachable stand mount swivel can be adjusted along the housing to balance weight load and aides in compact storage

120 Volt Power Cord



Product Information



5.125 inches W x 9.24 inches L/ 13.02 cm W x 23.47 cm L (Length with reflector installed – 14.24 inches/36.17 cm)



Maximum Wattages:



• Size 5.12” x 5.12” x 11.5” / 13cm x 13cm x 29.2cm
• Weight 6.2 lbs. / 2.83 kg
• 90–260V AC
• 12-24V DC
• CRI85
• Output5900LUX@6 ft./2metersvs1700Luxat4ft.for a popular Flat Panel array 1x1
• Low heat output (Housing temp after 2 hr. operation 40C/104F measured in ambient room temp at 32C / 89.6F)

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Jun 6, 2014


Feb 2, 2014

I’ve been shooting a feature documentary this week with two of these lights and a 39” reflector and the lights have quite possibly been the MVP of the shoot. They’re daylight balanced so theres never a need to worry about combatting window light. They draw a stupid low amount of power so i’ve never had to ask to see the circuit breaker when going into a new location and they’re modifiable! I never realized the value of a modifiable light until cooler LED lights made that even a possibility. my go to set up has been a medium soft box for the key and a 7” reflector for the harder backlight. Beautiful lights!!