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ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit

A best seller, the ProDuty BackDrop Support Kit is durable, extremely stable, and surprisingly portable.


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BackDrop Support Systems

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The Photoflex ProDuty™ BackDrop Support Kit includes our new BackDrop Pole, two 2320Y LiteStands, and a rugged carry bag to hold the whole kit. Shoot with confidence with this strong, stable outfit.

The BackDrop Pole is a single-unit with telescoping sections that constructs easily. The Pole stores collapsed at 4'7 ". The Pole extends to 12' 6".

Each 2320Y LiteStand extends to 12' high. The extra height afforded with these stands means you can shoot your model from a low angle without seeing the top of the backdrop in your shot. These are exceptionally sturdy stands with a maximum load rating of 40 pounds. The "flip-top" design of the brass post adds versatility for multiple uses in your studio.

This kit comes with its own durable carry bag.

Best Warranty

Features and Benefits


LiteStand 5 years, BackDrop Support Pole 5 years, TransPac 1 year

  • Stable LiteStands for secure setup
  • 2320Y LiteStands extend to 12'
  • LiteStand height allows for long backdrops and low angle shooting
  • BackDrop Pole is easy to extend and compress
  • BackDrop Pole extends to 12 feet 6 inches
  • Easy to setup and teardown


Product Information





LiteStand: extra large LS-B2320Y
Dimensions: 12 feet
Weight: 6 lbs.
BackDrop Pole DP-BP412
LitePanel Accessory - Carry Bag LP-1603BAG

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