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This easy-to-use 'no-frills' high output portable digital flash is optimized for off-camera use in both studio and location environments.

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StarFire Portable ShoeMount Flash ShoeMount Accessories


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Paving the way for affordable, quality photographic lighting solutions, Photoflex® is proud to offer a portable, variable power ShoeMount flash in the StarFire™. The StarFire is ideal for off camera use, and its primary value is combining it with the Photoflex® ShoeMount flash SoftBox Kits. The StarFire can be used at full power with a four second recycle time, or it can be powered down to a variety of settings for faster recycling. The StarFire can be triggered either in a standard photocell remote mode or it can be set to ignore the pre-flash from your on-camera TTL system so it will still fire in sync with your camera. Alternatively, a shoe mount style radio remote system can be used with it.

Warranty 1 Year

Features and Benefits


1 year

  • Guide number 38 Metric (at 35 millimeter focal length, ISO 100)
  • Guide number 114 USA (at 35 millimeter focal length, ISO 100)
  • 3 Flash modes: M, S1 (Slave 1), S2 (Slave 2)
  • Flash power control: Light level output control with 1/7-stop increments
  • Circuit design: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
  • Vertical rotation angle : -7 - 90 degrees
  • Horizontal rotation angle : 0 - 270 degrees
  • Power: 4 x AA size batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH not included)
  • Recycle time: approximately 4 seconds (AA alkaline cell used; Note: recycle times will vary based on battery used)
  • Color temperature : 5600 Kelvin
  • Flash duration :1/800s -1/20000 second
  • Net weight: 250 grams / 8.81 ounces


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2.8 x 5.31 x 3.34 inches / 72 x 135 x 85 millimeters

One StarFire portable ShoeMount flash
One tabletop stand
One velvet storage bag
User manual

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Jun 6, 2013