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StarFlash® 150watt


The StarFlash® 150watt MonoBloc strobe head has a moderate power output and is suitable for close range subjects such as small products, portraits, parties, and secondary lighting of interiors. Only available in Europe.

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The StarFlash® 150 is a solid extruded aluminum monobloc strobe with 5 stops variable power up to 150 watt-seconds. It is designed for the seasoned professional and the emerging photographer.

The StarFlash® uses high-quality German flash tubes. The modeling light can be set at full brightness or proportional to the flash tube light output.

Recharges quickly. Audible and visible light full-charge indicators.

This strobe can be used with a reflector, umbrella, or soft box. The included Tilt Swivel Mount is secure and allows for tilt range of 170 degrees. The Tilt Swivel can be repositioned on the StarFlash to compensate for weight imbalance when using larger soft boxes. Available in 120volt, 220/240volt

The StarFlash® 150 includes:

  • StarFlash 150 strobe head with flash tube
  • 250watt Frosted Modeling Lamp
  • Protective Lamp Cover
  • Power Cord
  • Sync Cord (1/4" phone plug)
  • 6 inch Reflector
  • Tilt Swivel Mount

Warranty 2 Years

Features and Benefits


2 years

  • Extruded aluminum housing with durable rubber paint finish
  • Variable power with a 5 f-stop power range
  • Recharges in 1-2 seconds
  • Audible alert signals full charge
  • Visual ready light indicator
  • High quality German flash tube for durability
  • Choose full or proportional modeling light brightness
    · Can be synced directly ( 10 foot sync cord included)
    · Can be synced with the built in optical slave from the flash of another strobe or on-camera flash
    · Can be synced with a variety of Radio remote units utilizing the ¼” phono jack input – same input used for the sync cord
  • Tilt Swivel Mount is secure, easily adjustable for soft box weight compensation
  • Tilt range of 170°
  • Comes with protective lamp cover for secure storage
  • Available 6" Reflector (sold separately) for use with umbrellas
  • Available 7" Reflector (sold separately) for standard studio use
  • Available soft box connector (sold separately) for all soft box shapes
  • Powered by standard wall outlet current


Product Information



14.25x5x5.5" (36.2x12.7x14cm)


6.5 lbs. (3.0 kg)

Maximum Wattages:

150 watt/second

Available in 120volt, 220/240volt


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