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The StarLite® QL is compact and light-weight (2.7 lbs.); perfect for location or studio work. Housing and handle remain cool with high wattage lamps.

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The StarLite® QL, with its forward projecting tungsten lamp, is engineered to work with our large line of softboxes to create extremely flattering light for people and products.

The bright warm continuous spectrum output of our tungsten lamps combines with the properties of our OctoDome® and SilverDome® softboxes to hide blemishes and render beautiful skin tones. The effect is dramatic for glamour, portraiture and video applications.

The StarLite® QL fixture comes with our all metal swivel stand mount and twist lock handle for precise positioning and balance of the fixture with any size of modifier. Due to its unique heat dissipating design, the portion of the StarLite® QL that is outside of the modifier remains cool.

Available in 120volt, 220/240volt, When you need a versatile lighting solution, there’s StarLite® QL.

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3 years

  • Quick-Lock Mounting Design - has a spring-loaded pin to secure soft box automatically
  • Continuous Light Source - what you see is what you get, no jarring flashes, power packs, capacitor, or fuses
  • Special Design - made exclusively for softboxes to maximize light output
  • Double-Envelope Lamp - allows you to touch with bare hands when cool
  • Heat-Cooling Design -allows airflow to help keep the light head cooler than other heads
  • Durable, Modular Design - allows you to position a soft box at any angle and disassemble the light compactly

StarLite® Accessory: Power Cord 220Volt-240Volt


StarLite® Accessory: E-27 Socket Adapter


CoolStar®: 150Watt Fluorescent Lamp


StarLite® Lamp: 500 Wattlamp


StarLite® Ql Accessory: 10Amp Fuse



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Available in 120volt, 220/240volt

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Lisa Tanner
Aug 8, 2014

This is a great light for those needing to do both stills and motion on the road. It’s very lightweight and has a beautiful quality of light when used with the Photoflex soft boxes