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Softbox connector for: Balcar and Flashpoint

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Strobe Connectors

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Fits the following models

  • Balcar (all models).  Note: Balcar Pencil Light requires a Pencil Light adapter.
  • Alien Bees (all models)
  • Flashpoint (By Adorama) Original series. Does not include Flashpoint 2 or DigiPopper
  • White Lightning / Paul C Buff (please note: White Lightning, Balcar & Alien Bees are identical connectors and are interchangable) Ultra Series, Ultra Zap Series, X Series Monolights (Does not fit White Lightning 5000 or 10,000)

Warranty 5 Years

Features and Benefits


5 years

  • Strong, heat resistant, cast aluminum frame will not bend or warp
  • Accomodates any-sized soft box - eliminating the need to buy different connectors
  • Mounting - directly to a LiteStand, MultiClamp, or Heavy-Duty Swivel is easy
  • Inner plate allows soft box to rotate to any angle

Set Of 4, 900 Series Screws, Nuts, Washers



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